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Winter Wonderland

What a difference a day makes! We were out photographing these bucks the night before and there was no snow at all. But we decided to come back in the morning for two reasons, 1. The bucks were in serious rut action and 2. It was supposed to snow....

I woke up well before the sunrise. The first thing I did was check the pow cam at CB to see how much snow they got, 7”. I was a little surprised as I thought we were going to only get a skiff. I went outside my home and it was confirmed. We had even more snow here!

“This will make for great photos if the deer are moving around....and I can make it out of my driveway” I thought to myself.

I called my friend Tanner, who was heading out with me that morning, about a foot of snow at his place.

I was getting excited but also staying realistic. The storm will either push the deer around or make them bed down. I made it out of our driveway and met Tanner. On our way out we saw a buck pursuing a doe right off the highway. A good sign.

We got to our location just at first light. Boom. A buck was pursuing a doe. We stopped, watched, took photos. Once they crested a hillside we continued on. More bucks and does. It hardly seemed real. With the diffused morning light and the snow swirling around, I half wondered if it was a dream. Even with all the heartache of these past months, there are moments of grace like this. And I am forever grateful.

I hope you enjoy a video from that morning.

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